Pulp Fiction Theme for Windows 95 (Install Help)

  • Before you do anything else, be certain that you have Windows 95 and Microsoft Plus! installed on your computer or else none of this stuff will work.
  • First download the file pft2.exe (or the file pft.zip)
  • If you got the self-extracting file (pft2.exe), run it. When the window comes up, click the “Unzip” button. If you got the plain zip file (pft.zip), use your favorite archiving program to unzip it (making sure that you extract it to the root directory of the drive C: with the option for creating subdirectories turned on (pkzip == use the -d option, winzip == check the box that says “use directory names”)). If you have done this correctly, there should be a “Shortcut” to a text file on your desktop now called “Pulp Fiction Theme for Plus!” that looks like this for pft2.exe or like this for pft.zip.
  • Now go to the Control Panel, double click on the Desktop Themes icon, and choose “Pulp Fiction” from the list of themes.

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