Xoop it!


XoopItIf you’re one of the many people that uses Firefox and has a ton of pictures, videos, and attachments sitting disorganized in your massive Gmail inbox and/or archive (and don’t mind linking your account with a third party site) then the Xoopit Gmail plugin addon for Firefox is for you! It categorizes all of your media and allows you to search through it by date, sender, media type, etc. I’m finding it quite handy. The XoopIt service is in private beta right now, but I was able to get in using an invite from Mashable. A limited number of invites are also available from Download Squad and Lifehacker.

Testing out the N810


Just a little test blog entry using MaemoWordPy on my new N810. As you may have guessed by the timestamp of this post, it’s pretty hard to stop playing with my new toy! Time for bed!

Another blast from the past


Here’s another file on my Nanogen network share that triggered some reminiscing. This was taken during the Nanogen Halloween party my first year working there, 1998! That’s me in the homemade Kenny costume. Chris Valcke is the one behind the Bear mask.

Nanogen Halloween 1998

Good times…good times…


I’m in the middle of cleaning out my network folder here at Nanogen today and I didn’t recognize one of my folders, simply named “fwt”. Hmmm… Upon opening it up, I immediately recognized the contents. It was my “F” With Tim project folder! I decided to do a little desktop wallpaper replacement for our, at the time, Software QA guy. He liked Natalie Portman quite a bit at the time, so I thought I’d jazz her picture up a bit with the likeness of a fellow co-worker using a bit of Flash and the benefits of Active Desktop! Here is the result.

Y-ME Walk To Empower


Y-ME Walk To EmpowerThis coming Mother’s Day Dionne, Nathan, and I will be participating in the Y-ME Walk To Empower as members of Nanogen’s Team Bosom Buddies in order to raise money for Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. If you’d like to contribute to our fund raising efforts, you may donate on Dionne’s or my behalf. You can even join our walking team if you’d like!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


Something old: Well…this domain, for one. I’ve had it since 1996! Also, that dated homepage of mine. Yuck!

Something new: WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for quite some time on my other sites. I thought it was time to do it here too.

Something borrowed: What on the interwebs isn’t borrowed (to some degree) these days?

Something blue: Unless you’re color blind, this one should be obvious.

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