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The most random message ever


About 9 months ago I got a pre-paid AT&T GoPhone. Apparently the number that I got was one that belonged to a woman who, for reasons unknown to me, has fallen on what seems to be hard financial times (perhaps the reason why she doens’t have her mobile number any more). Since the time I’ve had the number, I’ve received many messages from bill collectors, schools, car warrantee providers, etc. all trying to reach this woman. I’ve been diligent about calling back these people and letting them know that their contact info is out of date so that they won’t call me back. Well, this morning I got a message from a gentleman that knows this woman, I assume. I wouldn’t do the message justice by trying to describe it, so here it is for your listening pleasure.

Warning: There are some expetives within, so if you are at work, you may want to use your headphones.

The most random message ever

I’m a man of many names


I go out to eat lunch quite a bit and I’m often asked what my name is when I order. Most of the time the person behind the counter gets my name right, “Lance”. On occasion, however, they hear something different. Here’s a running list of my many names:

  • Lens
  • Lenz
  • Lanz
  • Lence
  • Lents
  • Lars
  • Lons
  • Rants (my personal favorite)

Testing out the N810


Just a little test blog entry using MaemoWordPy on my new N810. As you may have guessed by the timestamp of this post, it’s pretty hard to stop playing with my new toy! Time for bed!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


Something old: Well…this domain, for one. I’ve had it since 1996! Also, that dated homepage of mine. Yuck!

Something new: WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for quite some time on my other sites. I thought it was time to do it here too.

Something borrowed: What on the interwebs isn’t borrowed (to some degree) these days?

Something blue: Unless you’re color blind, this one should be obvious.

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