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Another blast from the past


Here’s another file on my Nanogen network share that triggered some reminiscing. This was taken during the Nanogen Halloween party my first year working there, 1998! That’s me in the homemade Kenny costume. Chris Valcke is the one behind the Bear mask.

Nanogen Halloween 1998

Good times…good times…


I’m in the middle of cleaning out my network folder here at Nanogen today and I didn’t recognize one of my folders, simply named “fwt”. Hmmm… Upon opening it up, I immediately recognized the contents. It was my “F” With Tim project folder! I decided to do a little desktop wallpaper replacement for our, at the time, Software QA guy. He liked Natalie Portman quite a bit at the time, so I thought I’d jazz her picture up a bit with the likeness of a fellow co-worker using a bit of Flash and the benefits of Active Desktop! Here is the result.

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