The Players:

The Reason:

    If 6 college students decide to buy a Sega Genesis together at the beginning of the year, how do you decide who gets to keep it when they all graduate? Simple, RoShamBo for it!

The Rules:

    All players will compete in a round-robin RoShamBo tournament. A player is considered eliminated if they don’t win any of their 2-out-of-3 matches in the round. Play will continue until there is only one player left.

    The rules for RoShamBo are as follows: Paper beats Rock, Rock beats Scissors, and Scissors beats Paper.

The Results:

    Round 0:

    Round 1:

      No Players Eliminated

    Round 2:

      No Players Eliminated

    Round 3:

      Toby Rossmann goes 0 for 3. Eliminated.

    Round 4:

      No Players Eliminated

    Round 5:

      No Players Eliminated

    Round 6:

      John Owens goes 0 for 2. Eliminated. All hopes for a Rains victory dashed.

    Round 7:

      Nick Khadder goes 0 for 1. Eliminated.


      Lance Held. Should Lance fail to uphold the duties and responsibilities as the Champion of the 1620 Spruce SEGA RoShamBo Tournament, Nick Khadder, the first runner-up and heir apparent, shall assume the throne as Champion.